Thursday, June 12, 2008

"A Little Sun for your Rain Day"

So said the message on the pink flagging tape, affixed to a Labatt's beer, waiting there for me, on the side on the highway.  

It has been a "rain day".  I awoke to a marvelous pink sunrise above the mountain embraced field where I camped last night.  However, I returned to sleep, only to be awoken by rain on my flyless tent.  From there, things just got damper and grayer.    Until, that is, at the top of a long hill, I spotted the pink tape.

Wow.  What a wonderful, wonderful gift!  Some kind stranger turned a simple can of beer in a day-making, spirit raising, luminous blessing.  Some sun for my day indeed!  As I held up the can in wonder, the sun peaked through the clouds, and, I kid you not, a bald eagle swooped down from the trees and soared across the road ahead of me.  

I sit on the steps of a small chapel along the highway writting this-- the beer most gratefully in my hand.  Off in the distance waterfalls cascade down the green and still snow speckled mountain tops.  The mist rises from the river valley.  The crows caw.  Some birds chirp away.  I smile. 

I sure hope their not doing police road checks today-- this beer is going along way!

-- from Usk, on Hwy 16, revised at the Elephant's Ear cafe in Terrace.

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