Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Karmic Overload

I am off on my journey.  I am now rolling sublimely the spectacular Northern BC landscape, the mountains on one hand, the river on the other.  I am flowing as smoothly as the river, and feeling as free as the blue sky.

Leaving Smithers, I am overwhelmed by the the bountiful blessings I have received in my last month as I withdrew my four years of community roots.  I have had so many well wishes, thank you's and blessings of every different sort.  My last moments there have been very bright.  From completing my mural and being wished off by all the nurses and staff, to selling virtually all my paintings, to getting hugs from little kids that I did workshops with.  

Appreciative purchases by friends and strangers is one thing, hearing from those who have received my paintings as gifts is even more fufilling.  Its like a double purchase! It seems to have happened a few times this month.   From being told by someone at the grocery store how happy someone was to get my painting to being suddenly hugged in the bank lineup by someone who couldn't contain their joy at getting one of my paintings the night before.  It feels really good to developed an artistic style that has come to be both recognized and valued and filled with a certain community value.

Just ridding my bike feels like ridding on blessings.  

I have reduced my possessions down to the absolute minimum, and most often these are one with a lot of personal meaning-- everything from my sweater (Thanks Gramma!), the shoes Gabrielle bought me, the helmet my parents gave me, the book 'Courage' from my friend Amie, my tent-- which I traded with my friends Eric and Cynthia for a painting, my chair from my friend Andrew, my little notepad from my sister, organic tea from my friend Jenn, the coat of arms seal from my Dad, the coffee spoon from my mum, the cap from my cousin Brendan, the sleeping bag I got from my friend's store after they go one of my paintings.  

Last but not least, there is my bike which I am ridding, symbolically it is also a most provedential gift from a friend and the Universe. My bike was stolen a few weeks ago, the very day it so happens, that Gord was packing up his bike to ship to Vancouver.  He ever so kindly is letting me ride it down for him-- and a wonderful ride it is.

I am blissing out on the road.  The wonderful day and the karmic overload of blessings is a sublime elixir.  

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