Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Off on the road! - from Moricetown Canyon

For many of you who have been following my epic and much prolonged departure saga, you can now exhale.  Of course, if you were really holding your breath, your funeral has long passed!

After an epic all night painting session,  my Fall Mural at the Bulkley Lodge is now complete.  I will post some photos of the completed piece shortly.  I have become fascinated at just how much my art, my mural in this case, reflects my life.  It took a friend to sit with me in front of the mural and point out what now seems blatantly obvious: The mural was very much about me and my life in the Bulkley Valley.   Its almost as if my subconscious is sharing a fabulous series of insights with me on a 15 feet by 5 feet canvas!

Indeed, to complete the mural, and to simultaneously complete my time in the valley is poetically apropos.  After putting the paints away and washing the brushes,  I literally walked out of the back door of the lodge, jumped on my bike and set out.

One of the last symbols in the Fall mural that I added last night, was a V shaped flock of Canada Geese heading South.  Well, the highway isn't pointed South yet, but that's the direction I go too.  And my flight feels just as wonderously free.


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