Friday, June 27, 2008

"Cut the Cord"

Here are some more notable words from people I have encountered on my journey.

"Cut the cord"

As you cycle you become quite conscious of the cars that zoom around you.  Even more so, you become conscious of the vast system that supports gas powered transportation.   The roads, the big gas tanker trucks, the asphalt, the tires, the gas stations, the part shops, the drive throughs, the windshield wiper industry-- its trully immense.  I suppose its all fairly obvious, but when you're biking long stretches this immense lattice of support becomes more and more lucid.

The other day, I met a German cyclist.  Our conversation gravitated to our mutual observations of our automobile infrastructure.  He made a comment that I found memorable. "Every car has an invisible umbilical coard to Saudi Arabia.  Cut that cord and every car becomes but a metal box without four seats." 


"Nothing is more complete than two chairs and a table"

On Denman island I stopped at a local artist's studio off the side of the highway.  As I was looking at the vibrant and lyrical paintings on the wall, the artist walked over and enquired "You're an artist aren't you?"  I had to laugh.  It takes one to know one I suppose.

She showed me her studio and more of her work.  We had a wonderful conversation about the trade and her evident passion:  tables and chairs.  Paintings of chairs in particular abounded throughout her house/gallery.  

Her fascination rested in how a table and a chair perfectly compliment each other-  aesthetically and conceptually-- to make a symbolic whole.   In addition, they offer a rich range of shapes and silhouettes to explore.

Here's a statement I could agree with!

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Jesse said...

You Go Man!!! I wish i was with u on this great ADVENTURE.!!
GoodLuck with everything Russ.