Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crop Circle Experience

The wheat inseparably woven together in the center of a circle.

Arial view (not taken by me!)

There are several reasons why I find myself now in England.  One is that the cheapest ticket from New York City to Europe that I could find was through London.  The other, and I would add, much more significant, is that my fascination with mandalas began with a book on crop circles.  Crop circles in the most amazing mandalic patterns have been appearing in English fields with increasing complexity over the last decade.

The other day, I found myself in my first crop circle.

Cycling along throught the countryside, I noticed a couple walking down a footpath on the side of the road.  I stopped, mainly to take a photo of the rolling fields around me.  In the distance I I noticed the couple vear off the foot path into the field and over the horizon.  

Hmmm... what lead them that way?  I followed their footsteps.  As I turned into the field and crested the hill-- there it was.

A gigantic pattern over 300 metres in length.  I immediately recognized it as one of the very patterns I had read about only a week ago while in NYC.  The article had inspired me to aim my trajectory to Whiltshire.  And there it was.  It was if it had found me.

Walking through the field, a certain stillness falls over me.  It could have been just the vastness of the field, and the slight breeze rustling the wheat.  It is a whole different experiencing a circle on the ground, rather than from a book's arial photo.  

The lay of the wheat was trully impressive.  The wheat is pressed down in smooth spiral.  There is no awkwardness to the press, it flows smoothly without begining or end.  Even the small drops off the sides of the circles where pressed down with tips that ended with a resolution of one or two heads of wheat.  Most impressive of all are the center of the circles.  The spiralling pattern of the grand circle spirals into to a perfect centre.  The stalks of wheat wind together in the centre in a perfectly tangled bouquet.

That said, there were several parts of the circle that seemed to lack the overall general perfection of the rest.  The drops weren't quite as smoothly tappered as one would think.  Of course, two weeks had gone by since the pattern was first discovered.  

The size, symetry and geometry of the circle were the most impressive however.  Its a fantastically engaging pattern.  The circle also appeared on 8/8/08.

This circle of course is just one of many this summer.  From a nearby hill I could spy three others.  One was definitely man made.  The other two, like many others that have been appearing, incorporate such mindblowly beautiful and simple geometry, that one can't but shake one's head.

In Star Trek, the crew of the enterprise visited other planets following the Prime Directive:  Don't interfere.  If there's a higher intelligence behind these, all I can do is clap my hands.  What a fantastically brilliant way to assist humanity raise its consciousness without interfering.  Me writing this blog, you thinking about it, the conversations that ensue, the vibration is increasing.

  And all that has been bent out of place are some stalks of wheat.

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