Sunday, September 14, 2008

Massive Misfortune... or is that Fortune?

A good friend, recently commented that all I seem to write about is good news.

Well, Vaughn, today I can write about some bad news!

But, before I launch in, I must clarify, that I haven't had much bad news of late.  Misfortune has had a strange and much abundant tendency of turning from bad to good... given a little patience.

  I write this from outside the Apple Store in Southampton, UK.  My Macbook was damaged by dampness last week-- this would be perhaps the most cataclysmically bad thing for a traveling artist/cyclist-- yet it has turned into the most joyful and luminous of adventures.  I have been waiting the fix of my Macbook in the small Seaside town of Swanage.

In my time here, I have been shown a great time by a beautiful English lass-- from castles to coastal cliffs.  I now type, with great relief, on my fixed macbook.  Incredibly, a providential visit to Southampton enable me to have my laptop fixed with two days left on the warranty. 

Allejuia!  I cannot get over how stupendously blessed I am.

But yes... back to today.  HOLY MOLY... who would have thought that a little tiny hole could cause such grief?  I small flat took SEVEN tries to patch.  A jaunt of 16 kms took 5 hours as I went from one patch and pump to the next.  Running out of patches, loosing my valve adapter, and yes, some prolific cursing.  I met more English people today than in the whole last week however, as my circumstances invited all sorts of people to stop and offer me assistance.

Basically the universe put me to work today, to give people a chance to help a stranger!

So, here I am, delayed an extra day on my trip to Southampton.  Its getting dark, but thank goodness, my tire is finally holding air.

No proof reading of this entry!  I will be camping in the Dorset New Forest tonight with the deer and wild horses and silver moon.

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