Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weymouth-- on the beach

The sun pours in through the windows of the Starbucks.  Aside from a few sniffles its a beautiful day.  A beautiful day in the port city of Weymouth with Louisa.  The fine white sand beach is lined with old houses and stores.  The harbour is filled with fancy sail boats and skips. A rare sunny day has the street filled with passerbys and retired English folks out to soak in the warmth.

Louisa and I have just come from sitting on the sand eating our sandwiches-- with the fresh salty breeze caressing our skin and blowing through our hair.  We leisurely sat watching the boats bob and the children playing in the sand, while the gulls swooped and cawed in hope of a nip of our crusts. 

I am coming down with a bit of a flu.  I hope that the worst is over.  Nonetheless it taints my moments with a certain hazy lightness.  It adds to the feeling that this is all  a dream.  

My coffee now waits patiently besides me.  Louisa casusally touches my shoulder as she looks out the window.  James Brown jives on the stereo.  The sun continues to shine.

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Sólin said...

Beautiful. Nice to read that you're happy. Would love to hear from you.