Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soaked in Swanage

There hasn't been much word from me of later.  My computer has met with a damp demise in two unrelenting days of rain cycling towards the coast and France.  I write from the mac store on a display computer as the great geniuses here deal with my disaster.

Hopefully the world will hear again from me soon...  

on my much missed computer.

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Ian + Ellen said...

Hello Russ,

Ian here, writing as Ellen and I frantically pack up our earthly possessions (do we take one bottle of shampoo or two?). Sad to hear about your computer, I hope it regains its former glory, and at least it went out in spectacular fashion...or maybe you just made up that cool story about cycling in France because you actually dropped it in the toilet somewhere. Either way keep up your writing and travels!

~Ian and Elle