Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sharing the Peace

[1] Andras sends us a blast of Oneness from Budapest, Hungary: "A Beautiful Day to You!"

Ok folks, I am experimenting with a new way to send the peace portrait out to the world. As I cycle each day I upload a peace portrait to the web by sending out an e-mail to our collaborative team and to Facebook.

Here is the e-mail that will go out to people. This is also today's Peace portrait of the day.


Peace Portrait of the Day
Posted by the artist from the road in Ossopo, Italy

Share the Peace
A Planetwide Collaborative Endeavour

Everyday Russell, the 1Mandala artist, posts a Peace Portrait of the Day. These are pictures of people smiling peace to the world, sent in from all over the world, all to help build the 1Mandala. Then, people like you, actually help us share their peace to the world.

Its easy! Follow the instructions below to view, like, translate, and share the 1Portrait on Facebook.

Click here to view the Facebook album of Peace Portraits of the Day. Today's peace portrait is the first one in the album. Important: Click today's portrait to enlarge and to Share.

Here's how you share the peace:

• If you like the Peace Portrait Give it a "LIKE"! The more people who like it, the more people see it. This also makes the person feel good!
• Click "SHARE". Copy the message of the 1Portrait in your language. Paste into the share message box. Share!

Has the 1Portrait not been translated to your language yet? To help us translate, click: "COMMENT"

• Replace the [1] with your language in CAPS. For example: [ESPANOL] or [ITALIANO]
• Translate the mesage and post the comment.
• Then be sure to Click Share and paste your translated comment.
• Share!

Now everyone will see your comment and all your friends will get the Peace. Sharing peace inspires peace! We hope this will encourage others to take a peace portrait also. This is pure Oneness in action!

Thank you!

Posted via email from 1mandala's posterous

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