Monday, September 14, 2009

Harmonious Male and Female Creation

A frame from the Dynamic 1Mandala Movie

I am working on finishing the first Dynamic 1Mandala Movie today.  

This is a frame from the dance where my lover and I hold hands with everybody. It was a special moment for me.  The circle then moves in to form the spiral.

The day of the spiral dance, Peggy helped me craft the ceremony-like way that we performed the spiral.  Peggy came up with the idea of arranging the spiral so that everyone was holding hands, man/woman/man/woman.   A man and a woman stood in the centre of the spiral.  The ying yang pattern of the spiral swirled around this man and women.  The woman sang, and the man played the drums.    It became a beautiful symbol of the harmonizing of male and female energies.

How beautifully amazing it is to harmoniously share with someone you love the process of artistic creation.  How beautiful and symbolic it was for two people who love each other, me a man, and Peggy a woman, to craft together this dance.

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Jaime said...

Quite interesting how this post came up when we were talking about the balance of ying and yang within both males and females. Looks like a beautiful celebration of the divine.