Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Because I love Russell too

I've been making a lot of beautiful meals for people the last few weeks.
 You know-- the type where you get not only the best ingedients, cook it up just right, but also meticulously labour over the presentation. Talking to a friend the other day it struck me that although I easily make these meals for those I love, it is disconcertingly seldom that I prepare one just for myself. Alas, cooking alone tends to lean towards quickness and convenience.
I've been working really hard the last week on the computer. Lots of 1mandala developments and of course Revamping my entire digital life to make the big leap from Macbook to iPhone. Basically, I've been way too computer connected lately! So much so that my friend Wout had to tell me I've been emailing him too much!
I am now taking a few days to chill and disconnect at a meditation centre in the mountains of Slovenia. Lots of deep breathing here.
And, today I made myself a beautiful meal. My mandalic salad is above and it's photo, as a remindr, is thenbackground on my iPhone.
Because I love Russell too!

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