Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Dream of the Yellow Mandala

A year ago, I had a dream. A dream of a mandala or yellow post it notes!

I was staying at the time with my lover Abby at her home in Holland. Abby would go off to work during the day, and I would have the house to myself to get 1Mandala stuff in order. However, this particular morning, I decided, to make dream reality! I built her a mandala of post it notes on her wall. The image of the mandala from my dream was remarkably clear. It was simple. Nothing fancy at all. Plane actually. Strange, I thought. It would have been more fun to make an extravagant patter! Abby didn't really notice though-- she was too worried about the glue I had used on her wall! But, she loved it. The mandala stayed. And of course, to begin all the mandala's notes were blank.

But, how can one not resist to write on a blank post it note? I left her a few messages, then friends started to also. In the months that followed, she opened the invitation wide open! She asked all her friends to write inspirational messages.

The blank mandala became a beautiful artistic coalescence of Abby and Russell's creativity. An of course, all of her friends. A collaborative mandalic web of good intentions evolved over the months. I have seen up close pictures of it. Its full of writting, scribbles, doodles, inspiring words, and... community. Beautiful!

Abby, however is doing something rather remarkable. She has decided to let go of her home in Holland, sell everything and follow her dream of living in Paris, learning French, dancing and living in a luxury apartment. I am overwhelming proud and happy for her. She is following her heart! Go Abby Go!

Over the last days Abby and I had the idea of photographying the take down of the mandala. She sent me the photos and I have weaved them together into a little animation.

I think we could do an even cooler one though Abby. This isn't the end of your mandala.

Its the beggining of a new one! I can't wait to see the one we're going to build on the soaring walls of your Paris loft!

--- P.S. Anyone have a loft with soaring walls for Abby for a few weeks while she settles in Paris?

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