Sunday, October 25, 2009

Being with my body

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I am discovering that the journey that I began when I left Smithers is a lot more than a geographic.

Being ill is a new experience for me. A little like cycling into a new city in a strange land. Here, the roads are bumpy, confusing.

Why is this happening to me? What's the message? What's the lesson? I've been hearing this question from others and myself.

But you know, its not what is important now.

When I stood in St. Peters square I didn't need to ponder all the roads that took me to Rome. Much better was to just be there, to touch the statues, drink from the fountain and feast my eyes. Equally, being ill I just need to be with my body. Afterall, the reason I am here is surely connected to not having listened to and been with my body. I have been out of it. Mind and body and spirit have not been integrated.

Now, is the time to shift.

Sure there's reasons. But they will come. For the moment, I will be.

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