Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday I went to the hospital here in London. That's me with my bracelet reaching for the light.

I don't like hospitals. But my condition and symptoms were too scary. Catherine, who has been caring for me, insisted I go-- she is a professional healer herself. Like a little boy, she held my hand while they did all sorts of tests on me-- blood stuff really really bothers me and I can't quite handle it. I hope Catherine can still move her hand and fingers.

Two doctors saw me. I was so impressed. They took their time and each took my condition really seriously. Each asked patiently many questions and looked me over super carefully. Their attention to detail was actually relieving.

Afterwards, they said it was good I came in, but wasnt necessary to stay. They concluded I hadn't had a stroke or even mini strokes.

I still feel really not so good. My symptoms are dimishing though. I am back with Catherine and Gudrun now. They are both healers who I met in Paris around my presentation and through the most blessed syncronicity and generosity hwere there when I crashed and open their arms to take me in.

Their holistic, homeopathic and oriental healing bacground sees much deeper into my condition than it seems a Western perspective could. The doctors were able to test and diagnose me there at that moment in great detail, but only derive a rather superficial diagnosis. Catherine and Gudrun are seeing through to the deeper root causes. Their diagnosis and healing includes remedies and wisdom on the dietary, energetic, sexual and emotional facets of Russell.

Its profound. The western way would have given me pills and pharmeceuticals. Now, with their help and guidance I am seeing myself a new. I am poised to transform old ways of my life into a much deeper and integrated understanding of myself and way to live.

You dont get this from a normal doctor.

They are continuing to treat me here at their clinics in London.

I rest. I heal.

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