Monday, October 26, 2009


There are so many people from so many places wishing me well. All I can say is all these good vibes have surely manifested themselves. I look about me with awe at the profoundly healing hands I now find myself in here in London.

Back in Paris, it just so happened that my paths crossed with Catherine, the woman who works as Neale Donald Walsh's personal healer. She was at a meeting leading up to my presentation.

Catherine had lived through a stroke herself. She recognized immediately my symptoms and knew it was serious. She helped me make sense of the subtle but terrifyingly symptoms I had been experiencing. Her colleague, Gudrun, was on her way to Paris also. Catherine had her bring that day the medecine I needed.

Catherine saw to it that I got to the hospital and the care I needed. Philippe from HT France went with me on the Eurostar to London to bring me to their clinic to rest. We stayed for the week in the most restfull apartment you could imagine right above their clinics.

Again I am in awe and deep grattitude at the profound moment and place for healing that I experiencing. Thank you everyone for your prayers/intentions for my health.

I've thus become the patient and disciple of Catherine and Gudrun these past two weeks. Catherin is a certified Chinese amedical practitioner, who, having lived through 21 operations, is profoundly empathetic. Gudrun is a dietitian and medical practitioner who has decades of experience and several books under their name. Both began an intense series of daily sessions with me to restore my dangerously unbalanced and depleted energy.

Being with two world class healers for two weeks I've been able to go a lot deeper than the symptoms-- to become aware of the life patterns that caused them, the past experiences that set me on these life patterns and... "most difficult of all" as Gudrun says... to actually Change/heal.

My ministroke basically could have and would have happened to me anywhere, no matter what I was doing. It connects to a heart condition I had when I was a baby, and more importantly not being conscious of how to live and eat and work and exercise with this predisposition. Several streams of aggravating and culminating liife patterns thus brought me to my stroke.

My choice to set out on my bike sped up something that would have caught up with me eventually. It's a little hard to see it this way, but since it has happened when I am still young, it's a little like a gift. I still have the resources and time to maneuver and amend my patterns.

And I have motivation. A collossal amount of motivation. Motivation mixed with clarity to better understand myself, to better comprehend the life force energy management I have been ignorant of, and to better, nay... to fully integrate all dimensions of my living.

Go Russell go.

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Gloria said...

Yeah! Go Russell go!
I think everything happens for our Highest Good, yet I think that now that I'm not younger! :) So I agree with you: it is a gift you had.
Right now I am in my bed with a flu, there was many years I didn't get ill at all, so I think this illness is purifying me for makes me a clear and clean channel for my divinity and I'm grateful, even if I had to delete the party for my b-day! :)
Take care Russel, a big warm hug!