Friday, February 26, 2010

The 1Mandala & The First Spring Flowers

Above is a photo of the first Spring flowers I saw in Paris today. Below is a general letter that builds on my last more personal one, that I will shortly be sending out to the full 1Mandala database.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am happy to announce that the first Spring flowers are blossoming in Paris and... the 1Mandala project is once again starting to roll!

As you know, the 1Mandala has been on cruise control since October. Major health issues compelled, me, Russell, the artist, to stop everything and return to Canada.

Wow, have I learned a lot.

Oneness isn’t just for the outside world, but also for inside oneself. I had to face my inner divisions that manifested in my dis-ease. I have learned that healing isn't an end, it is a process and an awakening. It's about integrating those neglected, blocked-off, shadowy parts of yourself back into the light, back into one.

Yep-- healing is about Oneness. The very thing the 1Mandala is all about.

In my meditative break, I rediscovered the inspiration to continue the project. You see, the idea of Oneness gets right to the heart of healing the wounds of division in ourselves and the world. In fact, Oneness makes that important connection between the two: as inside, so outside.

Now, wiith love, health and insight, I have returned to Paris and I can't think of anything more beautiful to do than co-create a grand mandala to celebrate the growing consciousness of our Oneness on the planet.

The 1Mandala re-begins with the flowers-- fresh and in new.

We will be re-creating the project from first principles in the next weeks.

As someone who's been attracted to the project you are invited to be part of the co-creative process.

If you find yourself resonating with our vision I invite you to join the Google 1Mandala Co-creation group, follow the process, and co-create with us.

Be sure to read the Welcome letter that describes the process and how to join.

Spring, and fresh energy is in the air.

Off we go!


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