Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lovely Brune

Last night Abby and I caught a R&B Soul Concert Contest. Brune, a diminutive French woman who I met through my 1Mandala presentation back in October, was performing.

The last time I had met her, we were both a little under the weather, and we sipped tea in a bar. We talked quietly and politely-- albeit passionately about our art.

This time that I met her-- what a contrast! She was dancing and singing up a storm on stage! I really, would never have thought!

The crowd voted for each singer using their cell phones. We left before the winner was decided. Brune's comment on winning stuck with me: "The results don't matter. I've already won. I did this for me. The fact I did it is what is important".

And she did it! Brilliantly. There were some great singers, fantastic musicians and songs, but her stage prescence was by far the most engaging and electrifying. The prescence of singing from their heart, the prescence of someone doing it for themselves. What a great inspiration.

If she can do it... wow... Maybe I could be an R&B singer one day!


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