Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To Begin Anew

After a week of working on this email to my old mandala team I have just sent it out. I gladly share here also with you.

It is with great joy that I say… "Bonjour!"

This letter is being typed from a light, love and flower filled apartment in Paris. I have just moved into this great moment with my love Abby. After three months of rest, recuperation and healing in Ottawa, my energy has renewed.

The last few months have been a difficult time. I had to seemingly abandon my journey, return to where I began, and face some frightening health issues. My return to Canada meant facing some of my biggest fears.

Yet, often it is precisely what we fear the most that can empower us the most. I return now with the full support of my family and community. I return with a vast new understanding of my health and how to heal. I have learned so much-- healing isn't an end, it is a process, a journey, an awakening. It is about integrating all the parts of yourself into one. Yes, it is about Oneness-- the very idea we have been exploring together with the 1Mandala.

Having returned to Paris, I awaken to find myself with time, finances, love and health. I am doing much better. With these gifts, fresh energy, new insight, and much gratefullness I now turn my focus back to the Mandala project.

It has been a long time. I know. The energy has waned. Signups and peace portrait submissions are down.

But, this means nothing.

A year and a half was spent labouriously finding our direction. That direction was found, just as the sun set. Now, the sun has risen, and we begin anew, with lucid focus, great insight, and a rising tide of energy and momentum. I have but to look back at the magical forces that have brought me this far to know, that it is a tide that will grow and grow into a mighty wave. It makes me shiver at the thought. In weeks, we shall accomplish what it took a year.

Over the next weeks I will be leading the process of revising the project from first principles. Right from the begining the process will be co-creative. We will review the project vision, goals, and structure. As the artist it will be my place to lead and moderate the visioning process.

Our vision will unfold like a 12 pedaled flower. From a single crystal clear intention, into a six pointed foundation, then into a 12 pronged team of men and women from all over Earth. The vision, the team, and the structure will become a mandala in itself. Joyfully we will create. The plan and the budget will be so beautifully crafted that we can do no other but attract the funding, the people and the resources necessary to manifest the intention.

We will be using Google's box of collaborative tools to build the 1Mandala's foundation. I will next be sending you an invitation to join the Google Group.

In the meantime, I would like to share a little movie that I created back in Ottawa to apply for a large Canadian artist grant-- you see, ensuring financial sustainabiltiy will be key to harmoniously building the 1Mandala. The 4 minute movie tells the story of the project so far.


With that we begin anew.