Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mandalic Housewarming Celebration of Love & Health in Paris

My lover and I have moved in to our new apartment in Paris! Wow. What a pleasure to be able to type those words! It was such a great pleasure that Abby and I could not hold back celebrating. The very day we moved in, we threw our housewarming party!

It was a spontaneous celebration of Health, Love and Home. Given the theme, fruit and vegetables seemed appropriate apetizers. As we collected an array of vibrant edibles from the local shops, we were struck by the idea of creating a collaborative mandala. After a frenzied hour of chopping, Abby and I layed out the fruits and vegetables on the table. With the help of our friends, the mandala came into being!

I attempted to record the creation and destruction of the mandala with photos. Of course, I was also drinking wine and entertaining. Alas, Friends and fun and wine do not combine well with making a coherent stop motion animation! I can't beleive it, but I forgot to remove the excess plates from the mandala table, and I forgot to take an overhead shot! And then my iPhone fell into some lettuce-- hence some of the blurry shots.

Yet, I have learned that a creation is better than no creation-- so here it is!

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