Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brandy, Beer, Cigarettes and TV

This morning I woke up feeling terrible, groggy and slow. "What is going on?" I asked myself. I couldnt figure it out. Then it hit me. A hang over!

You see the last few weeks I have been walking, communing with nature, meditating, fasting, doing lots of yoga eating totally fresh, local and organic. i went at least three weeks without any alchohol. My vibe has pretty pure and I rise brightly with the sun.

But not last night nor this morning! I have been hanging out with the local Anglican priests here in Sagada. They are a great bunch of guys who serve the various villages around here. They are laidback, straight forward and down to earth. They also buy a bottle of brandy and sit around talking theology, politics and culture each evening. They have a few cigaretes, some beers too and share a plate of salted pork.

I joined them again last night and we had a blast talking controversial issues. I strayed from my usual single beer and had some brandy "El Fundador". Then I stumbled back to my hotel and watched 2hrs of TV.

It's been ages since I last watched TV! Yikes! The cuts and commercials are so fast! Have you ever seen 24 or CSI? So much violence! Man! My chilled out body and soul got a little shell shocked I think.

So, today's prescription: Long walk in the mountains, veggie meal and... no brandy!

Oh... And I really need some coffee.

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