Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Mandala of Manila Mandalas

I've been meaning to post this for a while. Back in Manila, I attended a mandala writing workshop. Yep, 'attended'. I wasn't leading it! And, it was on making written mandalas. It was a refreshing and inspiring shift.

We sat together in silence and wrote out our own particular set of affirmations. We wrote them around and around with coloured pencils on provided circle templates. I choose: "I am trusting, I am love, I am generosity". You can see me with my mandala on the photo above.

It was a wonderfully meditative and empowering exercise. Afterwards we all shared our experience and then posed for a group photo with our mandalic creations.

However, that day, I had been working on the new build of the 1Mandala. 1Mandala photo portraits were on my mind! An idea hit me: We could all assemble in a circle to make a mandala out our mandalas! Everybody loved it and we began to arrange ourselves.

But what to put in the centre?

That is where Orlan comes in. Orlan, one of the workshop leaders had previously created a very large written mandala. In fact, the intricate creation had take him six months of steady writing to complete. It was done with one fine black pen. Written over and over was the affirmation: "I am a divine being".

If you look really carefully at the new build of the 1Mandala you will find our portrait mandala of mandalas in the center.

And, in the centre of that, you will find Orlan's mandala.

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ham said...

The mere fact that you spent your precious time with our folks is highly commendable. You're a true Anglican and we are proud of you. For sure you're unselfish efforts will be rewarded in heaven.