Monday, June 28, 2010

Making a Mandorla with Sarah

I am immensely proud of this mandala. What happens when two professional mandala artists get together? Yep! They make mandalas-- and in this case a Mandorla.

Sarah and I have been synchronistically connected even before Abby and I had tickets to the Philipines. Sarah makes mandalas with folks, just like me! She works with children and spiritual themes, just like me! We had been talking excitedly over facebook about mandalas.

After three weeks in her country I proposed we put together a workshop on co-creation together. The idea was to lead couples in making a single mandala as an exercise in harmoniously harnessing the unique attributes of male and female energy.

Well, Sarah contributed some good feminine common sense: She suggested we should do one first together before trying to teach anyone else. Indeed!

And thus we began the week long process of getting to know each other and to make a "mandorla"-- the name for the shape that emerges when two mandalas overlap.

Wow! What a powerful process!

We began on the paper you see above with the outline of two overlaping circles. As we each worked on our own mandala, the space between us loomed, just as we slowly drew closer. The process became more intimate and charged. Slowly we dared venture our own emerging patterns in the centre.

As we did so we monitored the range of emotions that emerged... "He's not giving me room!" "She's not stepping forward with her pattern!". "He's rushing ahead without me!". "Why are her borders so strong and thick?".

Fascinating! We processed our cocreation together for hours afterwards and asked others who knew us for their interpretation. It succinctly captured our personal patterns and dynamics with the opposite sex. The overlapping mandalas were an amazing insight into the coming together of personalities and energies.

And out of this has come consciousness! Consciousness to harness and guide the compounding of our attraction, and complimentary energies to realizing our joint and individual aspirations.


From there we made a joint intention map mandala. More on this to come!

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