Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am here

I've been staying in the most beautiful place for the last three weeks. Yet, despite all my blogs I have neglected to post any photos of the landscape.

Each day, to get into town is a good hour walk. The journey takes me on a thin path that winds precariously through the rice paddies, then up through the village onto a country road. The road is perchered on the side of a mountain and it takes me through pine forests and orange groves. The walk is the highlight of my day and the joy of my late afternoon.

That is, if I miss the inevitable afternoon showers! At about three, the clouds descend and the peaks are schrouded in mist. Combined with the fading light of the setting sun, well... It has been the most beautiful and magical of experiences.

Alas, my poor iPhone is utterly and completely inadequate at captuings the undulating hues of purple and violet as they softly cover the verdent green staircase of slopes like an ephermeral shroud. I doubt any camera could do it justice. After numerous shots, I resigned myself with joy-- twas a moment destined just for my soul.

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