Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fufiling a Prophecy

Thomas Moore, in Care of the Soul, writes that we should try to bring more mystery, magic and sacredness to our daily lives.  Well, how about fufilling a prophecy?

You don't get to do that everyday!

A week ago, Brother Edward and I were chit chatting at the abbey about the reasons he became a monk.  He shared that years ago, as he prepared to enter the Scourmont Abbey, he had been at an evangelical Church, where somebody had prophesized about him.   They claimed that he "would touch thousands through the apostlelate of the smile".  In other words, he would spread light and love through his smile.

But how do you do that when you're a cloistered monk?   He didn't think much of the prophecy at the time.  

Well, I can vouch for two things.  One, Brother Edward has a great smile.   You feel it when he laughs and talks jovially with you.   Two, he has surely touched hundreds of visitors as they have passed through the Abbey.

As he spoke, I had a strong intuition.   I knew immediately it was essential I get his peace portrait for the 1Mandala project.   It wasn't easy-- snow storms, his limited availability, and bad lighting, meant I had to be very intentional about getting his photo.  But, together we did it.

Maybe its just me, after having got to know him, but I love this peace portrait.   I will be using it as one of them premier inspiring photos for the 1Mandala project.   If you're on the list, you'll be seeing it shortly.

And so too will 'thousands of people'!

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