Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Magical Muheim Movie

ALRIGHT!   At long last this movie is online for the world to see.

Its been almost a year since this movie was shot. 

 What a fabulous experience it was.  It was a key moment in my artistic development: realizing how fantastically more fufiling it is to work with others rather than toiling all alone on a singular piece in one's studio. Not only is the artistic potential exponentially more grand, but it is soooo much more fufiling and downright fun.

Working together with the 260 students of Muheim Elementary, we created this grand mandala on the theme of taking care of the world.  Each student of the school, from Kinder garten to Grade 7, was invited to make a mandala while reflecting on what it means to take care of the world.   I then put all the individual mandalas together to make the grand mandala in the school's gymnasium.

See if you can figure out how we did the 'magic in the movie'!   



Anonymous said...

That's amazing! Nicely done. :-)


Anonymous said...

Great job with the video Russell! Keep up the posting.

Ian and Ellen

Anonymous said...

YES! Russell it's great! Well done.