Monday, November 3, 2008

Walking the Labyrinth of Time

The other morning, I found myself wandering a 12th century gothic cathedral.

WOW.  I have never been so impressed by a cathedral.  

The whole building was a meticulous labour of symbolism and sacred geometry.   And the rose windows-  holly molly.  Exquisite.  Not only that, but one even featured a pentagram.  Pentagrams, despite being a beautiful shape with rich spiritual symbolism, are never seen in churches.  Especially these days, as the evangelical tradition has convinced everyone they are satanic!

 In the very center of the cathedral, was a labyrinth.  Labryths are a functional spiritual symbol also with an ancient history.  

Unlike mazes, they have no dead ends, they are instead a long meditative walk to the center.  This particular labyrinth had been there and walked for the last 800 years.  I stowed my bike away, and, while the hymns from a mass in a small sub-chapel echoed through the edifice, I walked the labrynth.   I was alone in the very centre of this towering and ancient temple.  Wow.

As I walked the marble stones, I could all but imagine the hundreds of others who had traced this precise route through this very same space for the last eight centuries.

It struck me that even across time we are all connected.

In the centre of the labrynth, right in the centre of the cathedral, I put out the request for help on my world oneness project and my journey.  Just as I have done in the center of ancient Woodhenge, Stonehenge, a crop circle, and the Avebury  stone circle I closed my eyes and raised my request to the universe

Surely, I have got some great vibes accompagnying me now!

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