Wednesday, August 19, 2009

105 Percent

I played alot of video games as a kid. I think that is where it must
come from.

During my life I have often run a little system check to see how
healthy I am. I feel out my body and I give my health a number.
Just like in Doom or other games where as you're character gets shot
up his health goes down.

So for the last two years of so my heath has been anywhere from 80 to
99 percent. Little things like colds, muscle pains, sniffles, stress,
or tooth aches, they would keep me shy of 100%.

The other day however, my system was shattered!

Cruising down an Italian road, beautiful landscape, fresh air, blue
sky, my favorite music playing, my lovers on my mind, I ran my system
test. The answer blew me away. Not only am I in total perfect
health, but I am even better:


Why am I sharing this on my blog? First, maybe my Mum won't worry
about me so much! However, its is also because I am genuinely
shocked. Back in comfortable Canada I never thought I could be this
healthy. The idea of being healthier than 100% never even occured to
me. I want to share the fact that this state is actually possible!

I have been thinking about this for a few days now-- I think it has to
do with a convergence of three things: Health of mind, body and soul.

Body: I am eating Magnificently-- the meals I eat are prepared with
love and with organic homemade or homegrown ingredients-- with the
family's I stay at or visit. I simply grab fresh fruit and grapes
from trees as I travel through country roads . Vegetables come from
the farmers I meet. I am outside in the fresh air doing gentle yet
extensive exercise each day. I meditate and do yoga each morning.

Mind: I read somewhere that the more you challenge your mind the
happier you are. Well, my mind s on FULL raging stimulus! First, I
working out the logistics of a planetary collaborative project each
day as I pedal. I am writing and speaking in at least 4 or 5
languages daily. And of course, I am continuously compelled to learn
more Italian in order to ask for water and chit chat..

Mama mia! What a mind trip that is!

I looooovee it. And so does my mind and my body. Both are rising to
the challenge.

Then of course, there's the third element: Soul.

I am choosing to do exactly what I Love to do. I am following my
heart. I am loving and am loved by so many people its positively
luminous. My friends and family and lovers send me so many good
wishes. I get the niceness e-mails and the biggest hugs. My
biggest fears and insecurities I am tackling and actually sharing
publically. I write everything I feel and think on this blog. I
have nothing to hide! It is ALL out in the open. Wow... that is a
great feeling.

Its funny how my playing video games actually defined and
conceptualized my notion of what it means to healthy. The idea that
we can only be "100%" and that 100% = is purely a physical bodily
thing-- i.e. not being shot up!

Instead of shooter games, someone needs to come up with one where a
character travels through strange new lands bringing love and peace!

Sent on the road in Firenzuola Italy
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Anonymous said...

What can I say?? just wow Russel, fascinating, involving, inspiring, unlimited ! and ... thank you ! : ) Stef, Verona