Sunday, August 23, 2009

I have an iDream

On a mountain top in Tuscay I gathered the courage and wrote this e-mail to two friends helping with the Mandala project. Its the culmination of two month of thought and it makes a collosally scary endeavour for me: Giving up my computer! I will surely be writing more on this transition as it occurs.

I thought I would share it here. Already I have two offers, so posting this is more philosophical than marketerial. But please, drop me a line if you're interested.


Dear S & S,

I have a dream!

I dream that using nothing but a little iPhone I can orchestrate our planetary collaborative project (the 1Mandala) as a cycle the world sharing and inspiring peace.

By only having an iPhone to work with, it will compell the project to a new height of collaboration. No longer will able to be in the centre. No longer will I be able to type long e-mails. Instead, I will talk and skype-- richer forms of communicating I beleive.

It is time to manifest this dream. I would like to sell or trade in my iPod touch and MacBook for an iPhone 3GS 32GB.

Italy is the place. It is the only country in the world where you can buy an unlocked iPhone on apple warranty. Warranty for me is crucial given the demands of my journey. I am on iPod touch replacement number three!

I also dream of a MacBook air for the project. The MacBook air would not necessarily travel with me however. It would rest with someone on the 1Team. When I arrive at key locations it would be shipped so that I can orchestrate the building of the actual 1mandala using the adobe cs4 package.

My MacBook is in rough shape but it is worth an iphne 3gs still. Plus there is my iPod touch.

As you may imagine, this a HUGELY scary step for me! It will be the first time in almost two decades that I won't have a computer. This little email has been drafted in my inbox for over two weeks as I have gathered the courage to send it.

Just putting this in writting to you guys is a big help. Maybe you would know someone interested in a MacBook air or iPod touch or MacBook? Maybe through Nuovo Mondo?

Steve maybe manifesting the Macbook air and your dream of a mobile lifestyle is where our dreams coincide!

Thank you brothers!


on a star blanketed mountaintop in Tuscany

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