Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mandala Making Merryness in Pianora

Honestly, I find teenagers a little scary. They talk so fast, they are always laughing and they are so much cooler than I.

The last two days I took a little break in Pianoro Italy. Catia and Filipo heared I was coming through and spontaneously offered to host me. We had an amazing time!

I have been learning to make pizza, dancing in the piazza, jamming with my flute with Filipo and familiy, eating the most amazing cicilian culinary concoctions, drnking great coffee and wine and making Mandalas with 5 teenagers!

It all started over Icecream together with Aurora, their 12 year old daughter. I pulled out my iPod to show a photo and aurora leaned over fascinated and... the ice was broken!

Aurora and her friend were fascinated with photos of my trip-- well, maybe they were a little more fascinated by my iPods touch screen! They had lots of questions and managed to slow down their speak for me to capisce.

Then, they introduced me to more of their friends! We got talking about Mandalas and I had the crazy idea to invite them over for a mandala making session.

It was tons of fun! I got one done (I used lots of hearts) and they got at least 2 or 3! Catia joined in and did a beautiful one also.

Thanks guys for helping me not be so scared of you and your generation!


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