Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stories from the Road of the Heart: A Manifesto

My friends Steve, Stefano and I have an idea.

You see, we've got so many great stories about crazy beautiful things that have happened as we've embarked on the road of following our heart.

It struck us that we should create a place where people can share their similar stories. I happen to have a couple good friends who are poised to jump off the cliff and follow their hearts. They just need a little inspiration to overcome their fears.

Maybe reading some of the beautiful things that have happened to others will give them the inspiration that they need!

So, for my friends and for those friends I haven't yet met, I am running with this little project. I have written up the manifesto and with the consent of Steve and Stefano am posting the second draft here for you to see.

What do you think? This isn't the project yet. This is the text that will define the project.

Any suggestions on a good name for the site/blog?


Some call it following your heart. Others, call it living your dream. Whatever you call it, a remarkable thing happens when you take the plunge and follow that voice deep within. What once seemed ridiculously unacceptable and all but impossible becomes an incandescent road of magical syncronicities, manifestations, and the downright miraculous.

And it is on this road that great Great Stories are born!

This collaborative space is the place to share sharing these stories from the r, to inspire, and be to be inspired.

We live in an age where the demands of society, culture and religion simply do not en-courage following the call of one's heart. These tethers are so strong that many go their entire lives without doing what they would really love. The dreams of a child are so easily squelched by the reprimands adult world. Soul-deep passions are forgotten and discarded. The conventions, the apparent security and the morals of our world tell us that we must follow the path of our parents, the ways of our religion, the accepted careers of our community.

Life is so much grander than this!

Many of us know. The chains are shattered, we have turned off the bumpy road, we are no longer paddling against the current. We have embraced our passions, our loves and our dreams. We are doing what we love! We are cruising on a sleek paved road, and we are flowing with the river of life.

Its not easy of course. Far from it. Each day, each moment, is defined by not knowing what comes next. We often go against the wishes and council of peers and community. We must struggle with the weight of years of conditioning and antiquated morales.

Yet, it is on this road the magic happens! It is precisely by walking into the unknown that Life really happens. It is in the unknown that the Universe has a chance to help us, to gift us, to conspire with all the might of the cosmos to help us realize our dreams.

Now, this is Living! Living what your dream, doing exactly what you love is not only grandly more rewarding-- it is luminously Fun. The comfortable and secure become a shadow in comparision.

However did you ever think that the unbeleivable syncronicity you experienced the other day wasn't just for you? So many are poised to take the plunge to follow their dreams and heart. They stand hesitating at the crossroads. They just need a little inspiration. A little en-couragement.

Tell us your story!

Can you imagine a world in which everyone is doing exactly what they love?


Read some stories on the blog.
Inspired? Got a Story about following your heart? Select one key word from the story that you read.
Use this word in your story.
Use the link tool to link this word in your story to the inspired story. We are all connected!
Post your story, include a photo if you want, keep it under 500 words.
Do not be afraid! Someone needs to hear what you have to say!

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