Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Creativity Brewing

My creativity is definitely returning. The stove is warming, the water is starting to boil, the pot starting to rattle! Creations are brewing. I have lots of exciting movies, writings and mandalas to post this coming week.

But, before I post any fancy-dancy art, I'd like to start simple. With a sentence. A sentence interestingly enough, I didn't create myself. A co-created sentence!

Oh... co-creation is so much more fun than solitary creation!

I have been discovering this over the last two years, (i.e. my collaborative mandala projects) and even more so in the last sixth months. Co-creation is especially wonderful when it involves oneself and one's beautiful lover.

Before I get to that sentence though, first some reflections on this idea of supra-sexual co-creation. I am feeling there's a lot to this. This is an important idea.

Barbara Marx-Hubbard coins the term. She writes that humanity is undergoing a shift in the way that sexual energy creates. For millions of years, sexual attraction has inspired pro-creation. Yet, as humanity hits a point where population is dangerously counter productive to the species and planet, a new way to channel this creativity is evolving. This energy can be harnessed to inspire lovers to new heights of personal discovery, brave new ways of harmonious living and brilliant new humanity-positive creations. The attraction between a couple inspires not only interest in the other, but in the self. The excitement arouses them to discover who they really are and what their personal passions are. 'Vocational arousal' Hubbarb calls it. Genius arousal! The "supra-sexual" creative energy is so strong that it helps the individuals transcend the old generational, cultural, and ideological patterns that have shackled humanity for so long in seperateness and division-- Patterns that would have otherwise hindered them from truelly embracing the call of their hearts, discovering their vocation, their calling, their life's purpose and... following it.

Am I a little overly ebulent? Perhaps! Maybe I am just excited to get to Paris and launch back in to following the call of my heart. Or maybe its because in this I too see "a way of transcending many of the premodern, modern, and postmodern notions of what it means to be a man and a woman." Something that points to "...a natural, unpremeditated, and spontaneous expression of a liberated masculinity and a liberated femininity." See the full interview text here.

So, back to that sentence!

Talking on skype, chatting, brainstorming simultaneously on web based spreadsheets and whiteboards, Abby (in Paris) and I (in Ottawa, planning to go to Paris) brainstormed out our ideas and dreams and passions. We've been apart three months now. Its been lots of time to simmer ideas. Now those ideas are coming to blossom as we co-intend for Paris in the coming months.

We came up with many ideas and one focused statement of intention for them all that resonates deeply with us both. Here it is:

"We dream of a stustainable and joyable and love-filled time together in Paris. We dream of co-creating a prosperous way of doing the things we love and fully enjoying Paris. We dream of being amazing partners so that we can maximize our health, our living, our consciousness, and our gift to the planet."

You can also read it on her blog too. How cool is that? We could give a lesson or two to The Secret people on manifesting-- the co-supra sexual way!

Brain storming and strategic planning on Google Docs.

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