Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Epiphany Church Family Mandala

Alright! I am really proud to share this one. Here is the final version of the mandala that I have been working on with my old family Church here in Ottawa. We've been working on it together for the last month and a half.

Its a co-creation with everybody in my Church-- from young to old, short to tall! The whole community got right into it and I had help from everything from rides, to photography, to smiles. Yes-- smiles. Tht's because everyone in the Church lined up to have their picture taken to contribute to the mandala.

Virtually every portrait in the mandala is unique! There are also photos of the various banners and symbols that are scattered throughout the Church. I repeated these to develop the colour scheme. The centre of the mandala is the apex of the Church, where eight beams join to give the building its distinct octogonal geometry. The shades of red are from the gowns of the choir, the blue from the banners, and beige from the walls.


Prints are 65$ for 16 x 18 and 85$ for 18x 22

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