Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Movie Creation: My Portfolio / Story

Alright! I mention in my last post that I have a lot of creativity brewing... and Creations to share!

This little video I completed a week or so ago. Its for my application for a Canada Council Grant. These grants are very prestigious here in Canada and notoriously hard to get. Grants in Canada are hard to get period. There's not nearly as much money for arts as there used to be and in comparison to other G8 and developed countries.

This will be my sixth time applying.

Normally an artist submits slides of their work. However, there's an option to submit videos also. So, I decide to get a little creative and make all my old slides into a video! I've applied for so many grants, that I have so many old slides. It took off from there.

A year ago, I had a stellar opportunity tot pick the mind of a former Canada Council panelist who reviewed applications. My video is designed with his comments and description of the process in mind. I try to tell my story and my project in one succinct three minute blast.

I cross my fingers. But whatever. I must now stifle any hope and start focusing other funding opportunities. Its all part of the game. At least, the core work of this video will be very useful for other 1Mandala videos and applications.

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