Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Times

The anchor is up! My boat is out of the comfortable harbour and into the uncharted seas.

I write this on the plane cruising at 35,000 ft to London. I am listening to the same music that I listened to when I set out from Smithers on my bike an epoque ago.

Flying in a cozy metal tube with some wine and microwave tasting chicken catchetory is not quite as dramatic as cycling into the bear and eagle wilderness of Northern BC. However, in
a way, it is in fact a much more profound transition. It is a transition seeped in intention and.. first times.

You see when I left Smithers, I just jumped on my bike-- I barely had a map! Indeed, I have left home for new countries and new places and new adventures many times now. I have set out on epic voyages, started with new partners, and commenced new projects. However, never quite like this.

You see this will be the first time that I return somewhere that I have been before. In the past I have always gone someplace new. It is also the first time that I return to the same project/business after a moment of pause. In the past such a voyage heralded a whole new undertaking. This is also the first time I go to a woman. In the past, I hate to say it, but I have let them come to me, and in this lay an inherent imbalance of commitments-- the lesser course with me.

But no, this will be the first time. Most significantly, I know it. And I choose it. And I throw myself into it!

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