Monday, January 25, 2010

Epiphany Mandala Making Movie

Here's a little video on the making of the community mandala with my Church here in Ottawa. The Church choir did the soundtrack with the kids. If you're reading this on Facebook here is the link:

This project with my Church community have propelled my healing and my return to Paris. How beautiful to have been able to make my healing in this way.

As I write this, I am getting ready to leave for London then Paris tomorrow morning. Completing and posting this movie is just one of many things to harmonious conclude before I go. I am soooo excited, but yet soooo occupied that I don't have space to sustain the excitement. Sooo many details to tie up! Oh... plus I have been working really late each day, and I am exhausted.

So exhausted I am just going to copy and paste the text from the YouTube page below here. Apologies for the fast and loose entry...

Over Christmas of 2009 the Church of the Epiphany, in Ottawa, co-created a Mandala of love out of its intergenerational community. Working with artist Russell Maier the community used this ancient artform to celebrate its unity. The mosaic mandala is built with a portrait of each parishioner smiling love to the camera.

The final mandala is a visual prayer of the healing and loving togetherness shinning from this family and community.

The artist:

"I sought a way to express the profound blessing of growing up with a rich and varied community. All of us, young and old, families and couples, new borns and elders, single people and married people we are all dancing together in a beautiful moving tapestry of generations and community.

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Sólin said...

Can your say amazingly wonderful? 'Cause if you can I'm saying it. Amazingly wonderful video with your church! :-)