Thursday, August 7, 2008

Art: Focus

My blog has been mainly account of travel over the last little while.  This is not to say that I have not been creating art.  On the contrary, I have been doing quite a bit the last little while.  I need to just throw some of these creations up here.

I am going to start with a painting that I did back in Connellsville, Pensilvania.  I had been having my dinner at a dinner in a small post-industrial town.  Bob, was doing dishes in the back.  I suppose it was rather obvious that I was passing through.  He kindly came by and started chatting with me.  He recommended the fish.  He also invited me to set my tent up on his lawn.

There happened to be an art store near his place.  The next morning, his son and I got painting together.  The poor kid had never used a brush before!  I wish I had taken a photo of his creations.  They were amazing examples of simplistic abstraction-- in the spirit of Yves Gaucher and Wyland.

Egotistically, all I have is a photo of my own painting.  Shoot.  Next time, I will remember that my creation isn't necessarily the one I want to remember!

Bob and his son.

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