Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trumpets & Marmite

Last night, near dusk, it began to rain and quite quickly I began to look for my campsite.  On principle I try to ask around before camping in a field or under a tree.  Not that anyone really minds out here, I don't think, but its a nice gesture and a nice way to meet people.

Boy did I get more than I bargained for!

At last I came to a house that seemed to have a comfortable looking field behind it and a light on in the window.  When I knocked it seemed that the house was on fire!  Smoke was pouring through the kitchen.  My knock was opportune in several ways.

First, my visit let the lady of the house know that the plastic plates that she had put in her oven to warm for dinner were burning!   One thing led to another, and I was kindly shown a nice pad of field to put my tent up.  The father then returned and invited me in for chinese take out.  Again, quite opportunely, they had just ordered and had gotten more than they could eat.  

An amazing evening followed as we talked about life in Britain and Canada.  The family was were a treasure trove not only of touring advice in Britain, but in ancient artifacts.  The husband had a hobby of metal detecting around the fields of their 500 year house.  He had amassed an astounding collection of bronze age, roman and medival objects.  He took out his special box and showed me a fascinating array or coins, clips, and rings-- some of which have been looked at by the British Museum!  It was pretty darn cool to think that some of these were 500 to 2000 years old.

Their son William was a Wii expert-- the new wireless computer game console.  He insisted we have a go.  He demonstrated his skills beating one match after another at virtual Tennis and Bolwing.  I am proud to say, that I was a least able to beat him at one game!  All those years of playing real tennis have paid off-- I beat a 10 year at a video game!

Before I left, the father presented me with a silver Medival coin with the visage of Edward the 1st on it!  The coin dates back to 1272-1307.  Wow!  Before I left in the morning, I was invited in for coffee at their neighbours, and then breakfast at the first family's.  What a wonderfully kind neighbourhood!  I was treated to the English delicacy of Trumpets and marmite.  

And all I had been looking for was a flat field to pitch my tent!

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I'm so loving your blog... and your grace with words. I will be checkin' in frequently. Still your fan...