Thursday, August 14, 2008

The UN Building

Here I sit in front of the UN building, in downtown Manhatan. This will be but a short blog post as my battery is about to die. However, it is worth recording. I am in a moment that I have sought and manifested.

Ironically, I forgot complete about my goal of visiting the UN. Visiting the UN's international headquarters was in fact one of the main reasons I directed my journey to NYC. I have this vision of the grand mandala of 10,000 peace portraits being unfurled from a building in front of the UN headquarters. What a powerful statement to the world that would be. My goal was to come here and scout out potential buildings.

Is it that easy to become unfocused? I can't beleive I forgot about this! I happened to be in Manhattan today for a meeting. A chance sign on my way back, jogged my memory. And, here I am.

Thank goodness the universe has a way of reminding us of our deeper purpose and direction.

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