Saturday, August 2, 2008

Senate SUV Ratio

While walking through DC the other day, tourists from all over the world were snapping photos of all the landmarks scattered about.  Something else caught my eye however.

Surrounding the capital building we're parking lots for senate staff.  Guarded by shot gun toting capital police, they were full of very nice cars.  What struck me however, was how many of them were not cars.  Rather SUVs and Suburbans.  It had to be a good 60 to 70%.  No Smart Cars or Prius's or Hybrids were in sight.

Automobiles.  From the very beginning they've been symbols their owner's place in society, and I would argue, an extension of their world view.  It struck me as a very telling statement of the mind space of the senators, their staff, and the administration that now inhabits the US Senate-- and its parking lots.

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