Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sacred Mirrors

From the highways of Northern BC to the streets of New York City

Cruising down the lonely highways of Northern British Columbia, iPod in ear, bike in high gear, art was on my mind.  Quite unlike the streets here in New York, the roads were long and lonely-- it was a great time to listen to an art lecture on my iPod.

Before leaving, my roomate Greg shared 4 hours of an mp3 interview with artist Alex Grey and philosopher Ken Wilber.   If you haven't heared of Alex Grey, well... now you have.  I would bet you will probably hear more of him from this point on.   He is doing important work.

Alex's work concerns detailed metaphysical representations of the energy systems that envelope the human body and flow between us in our interactions.  Its pretty unique and profound stuff.

As Ken Wilber points out, his art is a resounding statement of coherence and meaning in the face of contemporary art that has a tendency to be so abstract that you need a an art degree to understand it.  Alex's art is immediately accessible on first glance-- and yet deeply challenging.  The type of challenging that can raise consciounesses.

This resonates with me and my artistic direction.  It struck me that at some point I should contact Alex Grey and tell him about my World Oneness Mandala Project.  Surrounded by those vast mountains, the Skeena snaking through the land, and the wide open sky, I put the thought out there into the universe.

Last night, without even really trying, I met Alex Grey.  Greg had made me promise to visit his gallery in NYC.  A friend and I decided on a whim to pass by.  It just so happened that Alex was leading a meditation and art creation session that night.   One thing led to another, and I was able to share my World Manadla Project with him.  He offered to participate and contribute. 

 I am feeling deeply grateful.

The journey continues.

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