Saturday, August 30, 2008

Glad Glastonbury Galavanting

Here I am.   I sit in the heart of Glastonbury.  Michael Jackson plays on the radio-- the English tabloid beside me blares that it is his 50th birthday.  Around me people swirl and mingle on the busy coblestone streets.  The steeple of imposing cathedral looms over the brick and limestone house and stores.  An uncanny mixture of ancient and the modern, the spiritual and the materialistic intersect here at Glastonbury's central square.

Aside from Michael Jackson, it has a quintessential English feel.

Glastonbury is famous for its grand music festival, but it is also known throughout England as a mystical capital.   World energy lines, the remnants of ancient temples and churches, the resting and the place of legendary King Authur are here. Pilgrims, travelers, and the magically inclined have been drawn to this place for centuries.  Today is no exception.  Indeed, here I am-- camp at a field called the Isle of Avalon!  This area is where King Authur, Lancelot and Merlin held court, and where to those with eyes to see, the mists of avalon part to reveal magical kingdoms.  

It is fitting that I am here.  Not that I am seeing any magical kingdoms, but, my work with the Oneness Mandala is blossoming and coming together here with inexorable elegance.  The mandala project has a deep spiritual focus.  I am drawing much inspiration from the land around me as I work out the ideas, principles and logistics of the project's grand scheme.  Everything from crop circles, stone circles, cathedrals, ruins, abbeys, and lush forests are putting me in place to be deeply and profoundly guided and inspired.

I am meeting with John Kirby, the country coordinator for Humanitys Team here in England.  John aptly choose this as our meeting place.  John lives and breaths his spirituality. He is not only inspiring to be with, but a non-stop hoot!   

Our gallavants through Glastonbury are filled with non-stop laughter.  The Englishman and the Canadian.  The slight linguistic and cultural differences are material for non-stop comedy.  From the pub to the grocery store isles, we're laughing at each others strange foibles and fancies!  

And laughter.... is good!


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John said...

It's beena real hoot having a Canadian to share the magic of Glastonbury with. Last night we camped in an enchanted forest looking up at the cosmos and feeling the oneness of nature with all that is. Today we had a slightly diiferent experience in Starbucks! Love to all Canadians, everywhere. John.