Friday, August 29, 2008

Cycling through England

 Cycling down the road that morning, I came across a family playing cricket in the middle of a harvested wheat field. 

 I passed by, then stopped.  

I've always wanted to know how to play cricket!  I backed up, got off my bike and walked into the field to introduce myself.  

One thing led to another and the five of us were playing an impromtu match of cricket.  There we were, surrounded by bales of hay and the Whiltshire countryside.  They showed me the general gist of the game and we had a blast batting and running around the field.  A note to fellow Northamericans... its really hard to get over your habit of not dropping the bat after you hit the ball!  In cricket you must hold on to it.   It ain't no baseball!   Isaac, a eight year old with a cunning arm, managed to bowl out (that means pitch)  us all with surprising ease.

After the wonderful game, I set off again.  

Yet more adventures were to befall me that day!  In fact they deserve a new entry of their own...

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