Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Epic Journey

This morning I woke up early to make a meeting that I never made.   With time on my hands a spontaneous inspiration hit:   Let's get my best photos from my journey up on an online gallery.

Here I am in Berlin.   Soooo many adventures have befallen me on my journey across the continents to get here.   I have put together my favorite photos in a Facebook Album.

This morning going through my albums a flood of memories came over me--- alone in the vast mountain scape of BC, the steamy forests of West Virgina, bustling Times Square in New York City, wandering around the Capitol Building in Washington, the soaring heights of Salisbury Cathedral, camping near Stonehenge, walking through crop cirlces, dazzling romantic walks through Wales, Ancient stones, hills and castles.   

On to France by Ferry, Eating gifted seafood as the moon rose over my French beach campsite, playing my flute to wild deers and horses, being taken in by monks in Belgium, crazy romance in Brussels, making a mural in the heart of Amsterdam, staying with a family of ten in Holland, eating cheese in Gouda, Holland, huddling in my tent in wet, dark windy, lonely forest, seeing storks in Germany, being gifted a meal by an East German Grandmother as her first foreign guest since 1946.   And then of course, cycling into Berlin, making mandalas with Berlin school children and working on my new paintings here in this fabulous city.

Wow.   That was fun!   Five countries, four languages, and countless new friends later... that was 8 months well spent!

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