Friday, May 21, 2010

Co-creative 1Fundraising

This is going to be an impromptu entry. I have a snippet of HTML code that I need to publish, and on my iPhone, the only way I can think to do it is with my blog. So here it is... This should appear as a paypal button:

11.11$ Oneness Subscription - 11 months

1.11$ Oneness Subscription - 11 months

Yeah? I hope so! Now... The story behind it.

You may have read some of my rather... Uhm... intense blogging about not getting a 20,000$ Canada Council for the Art grant. In the past, grant denials, have caused me to abandon art project and ideas.

Not this time.

Instead, a hundred times more than ever I am absolutely determined than to manifest the 1Mandala.

Brainstorming our financial situation with the 1Mandala team, we realized that to fund the 1Mandala (a project all about co-creation and collaboration) with a big government grant was, in effect, a contradiction. The 1Mandala is being built because people around the world who resonate with the shared intention-- folks who are contributing their bit of energy to make it happen. The 1Mandala is really a grand testament to a whole new way of doing things, of what we can do together when we we share an intention, of what humans across continents and cultures can do-- without governments or corporations or celebreties-- it's the symbol of a while new way. "The new face of humanity" as we are saying at 1Mandala.

The brainstorming continued and we decided we must fund the project in the same spirit: Co-creatively!

Dan and Jon and Catalina helped come up with the idea of making a sustainable statement and symbol with a donation. Rather than an open-ended donation, we are asking for precisely 11.11$. In return for making it a reoccuring monthly payment you get a subscription to our 1Mandala Portrait of the Day.

The 1Mandala is all about 1ness of course, and, our goal is to unveil in front of the UN on 11/11/11. A monthly donation (or a single one) for 11.11$ financially and numerically affirms and sustains that intention. Co-creatively.


Yesterday, I am very happy to say that HT Canada's core team met and unanimously decided to endorse the 1Mandala each month for 11.11$.

I've never been so excited about 11$!

That's 1!



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