Monday, May 24, 2010


I am on the move! It's been an intense last month living in Manila. I have gone through alot. I have made not only lots of friends but lots of 1Mandala and personal existential progress. Now, however, at last I am headed out into the mountain and countryside for some much needed fresh air.

I am also back into that special place... the Unknown! Everything is new, daunting and scintillating with possibility. The universe is conspiring all around me!

However, despite it being the unknown, my intentions are known. And crystal clear.

I feel there is a reason I am here in the Philipines that connects with the unfolding of the 1Mandala. I am inspired, learning and experiencing in ways I would never anywhere else on the planet. That said, I seek to find a sacred place here in the mountains where I and ceremoniously ask the spirit of the land, the people and the ancestors to help us co-create the Oneness conscious raising intention of the 1Mandala. There is a special energy here that I would like to invite with respect and gratefullness into our co-creation.

I wish to read our Intention out loud and ask the blessing and support of the Philipines in making it manifest. Here, close with nature I also seek to find my peace, power and restoration.

A wise women spoke to me in Manila. She observed that I have lived and traveled and been blessed with wisdom and experience all over the planet. She commented that with such great opportunity and experience and wisdom, come great responsibility. Responsibility for not just what I do, but how I do it.

I'd say "Back to work now", but somehow that doesn't feel right.

Better... Onwards with the loving unfolding!

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