Monday, May 24, 2010

Letting Go

Love is challenging isn't it? Perhaps by definition.

To love. To be alive. To let go.

Loving is about really living-- so often doing what makes us most uncomfortable. Literally. It means stepping out of security and comfort into the unknown.

To love yourself means facing your fears-- those dark things that really do us so much harm. To take off from your home on an epic journey. To sail into uncharted waters. To choose the path less travelled. Yet the path that all around teems with glorious green life, passion, emotion, beingness!

To love others is the same. It means stepping out of comfort, the known, the secure, the predictable. It can mean embracing strangers, letting someone into your private space, of giving without sight of return. It means getting out of your cozy seat for someone else. It can even mean letting someone go onwards on a path that takes them far far away from you so that they can live and learn as you and they know they must.

Letting go. That's where life begins. That is where love begins.

But boy... It can be so hard. Especially when you really love her.

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