Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where am I?

I really don't know how to compose this post.

Basically it is going up to let everyone know who might have been trying to get through to me in the last few days that I am OK! My iPhone mysteriously died after sending one last very intense e-mail out (ironically asking someone to call me). Since then, I have been iPhone free. Happily, as a matter a fact! But, if you're trying to call me, or SMS me, well, you can't!

This morning I awoke in a small cabin perched above a valley of rice terraces. I did my yoga looking out into layers and layers of green as roosters crowed in the distance. Wow. This is Sagada. It is staggeringly beautiful out here.

However, there are no bank machines here (or the previous city!) that work with my Bank of Montreal card. I thus find myself in the vastly ironic state of actually having money for once, but not being able to access it! I just have to laugh. It seems my soul has a definite agenda to learn about money and attachment!

A monk that I met in Sagada, offered to take me with him to Baguio, a city 6 hours away on the craziest winding mountain road you can possibly imagine. A door had opened, and I couldn't help but follow him. What an incredible trip that was. I have now arrived and am typing away on his laptop at his center perched on a hilltop. Oh... and I have pesos again!

So... where am I exactly? Here. :-)

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