Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kyle, Mandalas & I

Last night, I headed downstairs with a mission. I was determined to find someone to invite out for dinner. But before I could even get out the door, the unthinkable happened-- someone invited me out first!

Kyle is a 19 year old college kid staying in my building. We'd connected before in the elevator. As he saw me headed out for dinner, he insisted in joining me: perfect! And what what a great dinner! We talked about all sorts of stuff. Kyle had me speak in different languages and tell him all about Canada. Can you beleive, he knew that Ottawa was our capital and Nunavut our new territory! Bright kid. I explained the whole history of our flag to him and he soaked it up.

But, he didn't know what a mandala was! So, then and there we commandeered a pen from the waiter, flipped over our placemats and started drawing! I showed him how it worked, and reflecting one off the other as we came up with this little creation.

Thanks Kyle!

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Kyle Victor Jose said...

Cool! Thanks for featuring me. Simplicity, compassion, humility are certainly your traits. I am glad you are on the road of finishing your mission in life. Always, keep it up and thank you, my friend. :)