Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Peace Prevail on Earth

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Yesterday, I joined a gathering of folks in Manila. We were gathering with yet more folks around the world. Folks from all faiths were invited to share their prayers for peace at a rolling series of interfaith celebrations around the world. The focus: May Peace Prevail on Earth.

And it looks like we need it-- a quick glance at the headlines this morning shows that there's alof of intense stuff going on. Or is there? Well, there is, but what about all the thousands of us who gathered around the world to not just celebrate our differences but the dreams that we hold together? You don't see that on the regular news.

Maybe I need to switch!

Any suggestions?

The first sentence of our new 1Mandala description comes to mind: "There is bright new web of collaboration consciousness emerging on Earth"

Despite the front page, I know that yesterday it got a little brighter.

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