Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Mandala of Interconnectedness

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Back on September 9th, 2009 (090909), the 1Mandala teamed up with The World Day of Interconectedness to invite people to send in portraits of themselves showing and shining Interconnectedness.

Hundreds of amazing photos were sent in!

Alas I got sick around that time and wasn't able to complete the 090909 Mandala that we were going to make out of all these photos. Over the last months I've patiently waited for the right confluence of health, time, computer and software to be able to do it.

Humanity's Team is presenting their petition at the UN this week. An email from Gerry on the HT delegation inspired me to send out an SMS to my friend Sarah to see if she knew anyone with a free Mac. A free mac! What are the chances?

An amazing series of synchronicities and I have had studio, a MacBook, the software, the time, the food, and even a place nearby to stay! Oh.. And the health! What an amazing week.

And now the 090909 mandala is done! That is it above. Thanks to Leo and his team for his patience. I have a feeling our 101010 turn around will be much better!

And, the Mandala of Intercinnectedness is complete just in time to be added to the new build of the 1Mandala.

Coming next!

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